Add colors to your life. About

Ideas that add color to our lives
are always hiding in our daily lives and waiting for us to discover them. In the scenery of the city and casual conversations that are often overlooked ——

We will pick up the seeds of innumerable ideas and deliver them in the form of items and services.

Make your heart beats for a new day ——
Give various colors to life ——
Sublimate our daily lives into richer ones.

Globic Japan Inc.
wants to add colors to your life.

Business Introduction Services


Stylish design mask

Our original design mask.
(Released in 2014)
A new design mask “D.masque” that is incredibly stylish and functional. It is supported by a wide range of women with its plentiful color options and unique and stylish form

  • Globic Japan Inc. owns the design rights for the mask's body design of D.masque in Japan and other countries.
    Design registration number:
    No. 1514588
    Trademark registration number:
    No. 5736299
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English lessons for
Corporations Group lessons

“GLOBiC” provides language lessons for corporations in various languages.
We propose a customized lesson program considering the type of business and the occupations and job titles of the students.
Lessons are available both online and in-house.

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Company Profile

Globic Japan Inc.

CEO Greeting Greetings from the CEO

Add colors to your life.
It's our company's theme and my life theme.

The canvas of life which begins in pure white follows various tracs, and every canvas will be painted in a different color.

In the limited time, there are moments when you meet wonderful friends, spend irreplaceable time, be fascinated by the beautiful scenery, and be healed by the pleasant breeze.

Cherish every minute and
every second ——
I want to continue drawing the canvas of my life vividly with my own colors by feeling every small excitement to a big impulse in detail

We hope that the items and services we create will add colors to your life and help you live a life you love.

Room 008, 8-7-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo